Agril. Entomology

The word Entomology has been derived from the two Greek words, entomon and logos having the meaning of insect and to study respectively. The Entomology department was started in 2006 with College establishment. The department is having highly qualified, experienced & motivated faculty. It is well equipped with modern laboratories and farm to conduct practicals on farm crops. Agricultural entomology is the branch of agriculture which deals with study of pests infesting to crops.

Entomology is an integrated and applied aspect of different disciplines of pure sciences.

Basic Principal-:
1. Adoption of adequate, need-based, timely and appropriate plant protection measures against insect-pests, pathogens.
2.Adoption of suitable and appropriate management practices including intercultural operations to get maximum benefit from pests.
3. Adoption of suitable method and time of harvesting of crop to reduce field loss from insect pests attack.